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The gallery, founded by Fiorenzo and Alessandro Cesati, specialises in sculpture and works of art from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth century. Drawing on a strong family tradition in art, marked by excellence in the fields of art and music, Alessandro Cesati gallery has been nationally and internationally renowned, for almost forty years now, for the careful search and selection of artworks. >

Hieronymus Bosch vs. Lombard Master

Between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, an anonymous and eccentric painter worked in Lombardy, known to experts for several decades under the fascinating name of Master of the Fertility of the Egg. An undoubtedly bizarreand in some ways unique artist in Italy whose name is due to the …

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AMART 2022: Special Mention

Once again this year the Cesati Gallery took part in AMART, the art and antiques exhibition held at the Museo della Permanente in Milan, last October. Cesati’s stand was widely appreciated for its display elegance and the quality of the works exhibited, so much that it was awarded for its set-up by a jury made …

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A Refined Goldsmith Scale

This rare and extraordinarily elegant measuring instrument stands out for its the exclusive fineness: a precision scale with moulded steel shears, steel equal arms beam with swan neck finials; circular embossed silver plate pans are hung to the beam through stirrup shaped silver threads; an elegant cover plate to the shears in finely pierced, engraved …

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MOG: An Exceptional Masterpiece Strongbox

On the occasion of MOG | Milan Open Galleries (25-29 October 2021, in coincidence with AMART Milano Art Fair) the Alessandro Cesati Gallery will present an exceptional masterpiece strongbox: a peak in the history of European ironworking, generated by the magical and fantastic combination of the unbeatable German technique with the unsurpassable French elegance. During …

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Alessandro Cesati ad AMART Milano 2021

The Alessandro Cesati Gallery will be exhibiting at the AMART exhibition, organized by the Milanese Antique Dealers Association: after the successful editions held in 2018 and 2019, this year’s new show will be hosted once again at the Palazzo della Permanente, from October 27 to 31, 2021. The Gallery will present to the public of …

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A Stunning Signed and Dated Pharmacy Mortar

This monumental and refined bronze mortar, flared in shape, has a foot adorned with a twisted cord. The body, decorated at the bottom with large acanthus leaves, is embellished, about halfway up, by a double twisted cord; at the same height, in diametrical position, two beautiful heads of young boy facing downwards protrude from both …

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A Striking Head of Saint Paul

This impressive head depicts a bearded man caught in a moment of powerful dramatic expression. The head swerve, the gaze turned suddenly upwards, the contraction of the forehead, his corrugated eyebrows and the small mouth with fleshy lips, describe effectively the intense emotion of the character. The sculptor lingered in the detailed rendering of the …

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The Alessandro Cesati gallery has been taking part in the most prominent and select Italian and international exhibitions for many years now.

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