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The gallery, founded by Fiorenzo and Alessandro Cesati, specialises in sculpture and works of art from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth century. Drawing on a strong family tradition in art, marked by excellence in the fields of art and music, Alessandro Cesati gallery has been nationally and internationally renowned, for almost forty years now, for the careful search and selection of artworks. >

FEMALE FIGURES – Mannequins and Sculptures from 16th to 20th century

On the occasion of Milano Art Week 2024 Alessandro Cesati Gallery is proud to announce the exhibition FEMALE FIGURES – Mannequins and Sculptures from 16th to 20th century. The classic great theme of the ‘female figure’ is explored through a special and captivating selection of Italian and European mannequins and sculptures from the 16th to …

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Two Intense Ivory Figures

Ivory sculpture, from mid-16th century and over the next two centuries, was considered one of the finest artistic disciplines inside the European courts to such an extent that princes, nobles and major ecclesiastical figures were contending Flemish, German and Austrian artists, among the most skilled in working with that noble material. Such is the case …

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Gorus Me Fecit

The history of the mortar (from the Latin word mortarium, which in turn derives from the Sanskrit root mrdi = to grind or pound, and finds almost identical correspondence in the major European languages) certainly has its origins in the earliest antiquity, if it is true that the first tools for grinding or pounding date back as far …

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A Precious Damascened Casket

This precious casket made of embossed iron damascened with gold and silver – rounded body with a “pagoda-shaped” lid resting on four ball feet – features extraordinary decoration on its outer surface in eclectic taste, which clearly recalls the late Renaissance and Baroque style, with dynamic and engaging illustrations marked by outstanding realism and a …

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An outstanding painted Armoire

This outstanding two-door large armoire – beautifully painted all over its outer surface – belongs to a rare group of furniture made in Central Italy – and more precisely in a geographical area going across Tuscany, Umbria and Marche – between the second half of the 16th century and the early 18th century. Armoires of this quality were …

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A refined snuff box dated 1650

The tobacco plant was introduced to Europe, and more precisely to Spain, by Christopher Columbus who, having seen the Native Americans pulverise and inhale its dried leaves, brought it to the Old Continent on his return from the second voyage to the New World in 1496. Tobacco thus spread through Europe in the 16th century, …

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A Lombard Pietà

This touching relief, depicting Christ flanked by Mourning Virgin and San John and carved from a single block of wood, is a significant example of Lombard sculpture at the turn of the 15th century. The lifeless body of Christ is tenderly supported on the left by the Virgin and on the right by Saint John, …

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The Alessandro Cesati gallery has been taking part in the most prominent and select Italian and international exhibitions for many years now.

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