AMART 2022: Special Mention

Once again this year the Cesati Gallery took part in AMART, the art and antiques exhibition held at the Museo della Permanente in Milan, last October. Cesati’s stand was widely appreciated for its display elegance and the quality of the works exhibited, so much that it was awarded for its set-up by a jury made up of three well-known architects: Clara Bona, Michele Piva and Laura Ragazzola.

During the set-up days of the exhibition, the jury selected the stands with the best exhibition focus and was impressed by Cesati Gallery’s presentation, which deserved a special mention “for the harmony and atmosphere of the works of art that together create a perfect mix (I loved the Sicilian coral tree),” as architect Clara Bona posted on her social channels.


Ph: Fabrizio Stipari


According to the Gallery’s tradition, the exhibit booth was enlivened by sculptures and art objects from the 15th to the 20th century, including a Renaissance stone Head of St. Paul’s , a rare Italian Safe from the late 17th century, a gilded iron Floor Lamp signed by the famous 20th century artist Carlo Rizzarda, and finally the aforementioned very curious Coral Tree with rock crystal leaves.

We thank all those who visited us at AMART and invite those who did not have the opportunity to see the exhibition to come and visit us at our gallery in Milan, via San Giovanni Sul Muro 3, where you can admire the works exhibited at AMART 2022 along with many other pieces our exclusive collection.



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