Research and study activities, which the Alessandro Cesati gallery has always pursued with great interest and enthusiasm since its outset, have often steered to the natural conclusion of publishing projects delving into many topics: from the vast galaxy of metal works to the universe of sculpture. More specifically, its keen attention to metal works of art has led to the development and release of three important publications in recent years: LOCKS-SERRATURE (2007), DOORKNOCKERS-PICCHIOTTI DA PORTA(2009), and TOOLS-UTENSILI (2013).
The three volumes, intended as anthologies rather than monographs, have been conceived not only for readers from the collecting realm but also for lovers of beauty in a wider sense, since these books enable the surprising and hidden beauty of a restricted number of select artworks to be explored and admired.

Painting and goldworking in conversation. A Rare Fourteenth Century Sienese Casket


With the catalogue “Painting and goldworking in conversation. A Rare Fourteenth Century Sienese Casket”, the Alessandro Cesati gallery continued in 2019 a series of publications intended to…

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TOOLS – Beyond Hands Towards Beauty


Continuing with the successful publishing plan launched in 2007 Alessandro and Fiorenzo Cesati were pleased to present in 2013 a new book whose focus is on tools, coming as the third of an ideal trio of books devoted to the fascinating world of works of art made of iron.

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DOORKNOCKERS – A Collection of Iron Sculptures

Two years after the publication of the book LOCKS-SERRATURE, which was greeted with great enthusiasm by collectors around the world, the Alessandro Cesati gallery paid homage in 2009 with a new work to another important family of objects in iron – doorknockers – by presenting a rare and varied collection of figurative objects.

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LOCKS – A Collection of Masterpieces

The book LOCKS-SERRATURE, released in 2007, saw Alessandro and Fiorenzo Cesati create the first in a series of publications to illustrate in depth their founding passion for iron: an authentic ‘magnetic’ attraction for this metal, whose various crafted forms are able to stir ever new and different emotions.

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