The art world is facing a historical phase of great changes.

The art market is especially undergoing and will undergo for a while a remarkable transformation, due to the greater travelling difficulties and to the postponement of many important art fairs. These events were until now the most pleasant and important occasions of interaction between dealers and art collectors, with the physical presence of the artworks.

Therefore, in order to keep nowadays the dialogue with collectors and art lovers open, it becomes important, more than ever, to give larger space to online communication.

In these weeks we extensively thought and worked in this direction and we are now finally glad to announce that we achieved a wide updating of our website.In order to let you better explore our collection, you will find two new sections:
sculptures and works of art.

Into these sections you can find several artworks, partially unpublished and, as always, carefully selected for their quality, rarity and curiosity: they include traditional metalwork and items in the most different materials, such as ivory, bronze, marble, stone, wood, wax, tortoiseshell and terracotta.

Each work is accompanied by a text illustrating its uniqueness, the historical and cultural context, as well as its most curious and fascinating aspects.

We invite you to explore our website, discover our selection of artworks and share your comments to our email address.

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