A Spectacular Pair of Doorknockers

A Spectacular Pair of Doorknockers

This two wonderful wrought iron Doorknockers are an outstanding example of the German ironwork craftsmanship from the late 16th century.
The body – a round ring, with a diamond shape section – is richly decorated with very fine low-relief engravings depicting animals and vegetal motifs (dogs and hares, flowers and acorns).

Two coat-of-arms appear on the string joint of both doorknockers, and they belong to two german noble families: the Bobenhausen of Bavaria and the Holz von Holzhausen of Germany, depicting a pair of facing upright lions and a tree over a rocky mount.


Another smaller doorknocker with the same kind of work, coming from the celebrated Mylius Collection, is published in Ferro Civile, catalogue of the important exhibition about ironwork held in 1991 at Galleria Lorenzelli in Bergamo.


Wrought, carved and engraved iron in low relief
Late 16th century
Ø cm. 23

Provenance: Northern European collection

References: VV. AA., Ferro Civile, exhibition catalogue, Galleria Lorenzelli, Bergamo 1991, p. 73.

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