We Look Forward to Seeing You at TEFAF!

We Look Forward to Seeing You at TEFAF!

Between 13th and 22nd March 2015, Maastricht shall be, as is now customary, the world’s heart for art, where art-lovers and collectors will get the chance to meet the most prominent art dealers and to view their best pieces, spanning more than 7000 years’ history.
As has happened for over 15 years now, the Alessandro Cesati gallery will also be attending TEFAF, showing a rich new selection of sculptures and works of art.

TORO 19x9x25h

Gianfrancesco Susini (1585-c.1653), attr., Bull, bronze, second quarter 17th century

About the sculptures, a special mention should be made of: a very important Lombard Renaissance Madonna; a powerful bronze Bull, attributed to Gianfrancesco Susini (1585- c.1653), after a model by Giambologna (1529-1608); three significant wax reliefs, ranging from an anatomically detailed Christ to a poignant Nativity, through to a relief of a mythological scene, all expressing the fine standards achieved in European wax modelling at the turn of the 18th century.

Wax Nativity

Nativity, polychromed wax, Southern Italy (Sicily), second half 18th century

Among the works of art the Alessandro Cesati gallery will exhibit a small but very selected collection of iron items damascened in gold and silver. This sophisticatedly elegant and appealing decoration technique, of Longobardic origin, reached its peak during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Generally familiar for its application in the finishing of arms and armour, damascening was also used in Europe in the creation of domestic items, such as caskets, furniture decorative panels, tools, notebooks and so on.

TEFAF Maastricht- Stand n° 186
MECC, Maastricht. 13-22 March 2015 – Preview 12 March

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