The Unrivalled Tefaf Maastricht

The Unrivalled Tefaf Maastricht

This year’s exhibitors have put on an outstanding display of remarkable objects. To achieve this, year on year, is not easy: it takes dedication and connoisseurship. Yet again they have excelled themselves and have attracted international collectors from all corners of the globe to Maastricht”. This is what Patrick van Maris, CEO of Tefaf, said about the fair which ran from 10 to 19 March 2017 and welcomed over 71,000 visitors, from over 60 nationalities. The 30 years old Maastricht fair continued to provide a dynamic sales platform for its exhibitors, confirming itself as the most important event for dealers, collectors and art lovers for around the globe. In order to do so, Tefaf Maastricht continuously evaluates its offering, and each year takes steps to maintain its position as the world’s leading fine art and antiques fair. One such initiative is TEFAF Curated, a sub-section of TEFAF Modern, which this year took place for the third time. Penelope Curtis, Director of the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon and curator of the third edition of TEFAF Curated, this year entitled La Grande Horizontale, said about the event: “It was a different kind of space for an art fair, and within its distinctive design, art works which normally would never meet now spoke to each other in a new way.”

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Within the now large number of Italian exhibitors, the Cesati Gallery had great success with the elegant installation totally renovated in colour and lay-out, displaying as always an interesting combination of materials, ranging from the favorite ironworks to the sculptures in stone, wood and bronze.
Among the works on display, a special attention went to a tiny polychromed wood sculpture of a King Balthazar, from a rare workshop active in Cologne in the early 16th century, placed near a mid 13th century gilded and enamelled Corpus Christi from Limoges, rare for size and state of preservation.
Great appreciation also for the powerful wrought iron Safe from the late XVII century, attracting the attention of the visitors, not only for its sophisticated and ‘contemporary’ beauty, but also thanks to its strategic position through which it was immediately visible from the main entrance of the fair.

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