An Extraordinary Strongbox

An Extraordinary Strongbox

Extraordinary example of a well-known type of safes diffused in Germany from the 16th century, this strongbox consists of a big rectangular case with outer surfaces completely adorned with fine moulded bands in relief arranged so to create a checkered pattern. In the middle of the front side we can admire a spectacular false key-hole embossed in the shape of a crowned double-headed eagle, holding in its paws the scepter and the sword (symbols of the Holy Roman Empire) which is the Habsburg Imperial coat-of-arms.

forziere asburgico per int articolo 2

On both sides the two handles are decorated with rich mouldings, while on the lid appear little rosettes placed at the crossing of the bands and – in the centre – a rectangular element hiding a secret keyhole cover. The lock inside the lid has a fine pierced and engraved coverplate with two rampant lions, embellished with a rich foliage weaves and an octagonal dome to cover the wards chamber. The lock mechanism is provided with 18 shooting bolts operated simultaneously by one key.

Wrought, embossed, pierced and engraved iron
Second half 17th century
Cm 92 x 56 x 56h

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