Engraved Iron Lathe, France, 18th century

Engraved Iron Lathe, France, 18th century

Wrought, carved and engraved iron
France, 18th century
Cm. 45.5 x 14 x 16,5 h

The wonderful lathe featured here was made in the French domain in the latter 18th century. The region was one of those cultural areas of Europe where commissions by kings, princes or noblemen fostered the fashioning of tools of exceptional quality, destined for personal use by their buyers, who amused themselves in ordering fabulous decorative objects for themselves or as gifts for guests and friends.
This tool, in excellent condition, stands out for its extreme elegance and sophisticated workmanship: the rectangular-section horizontal bar is decorated with a splendid Greek pattern and shows lion-head ends. Three uprights are connected to the bar and these are likewise shaped and adorned with foliage motifs: one fixed upright supports a spike, another moving one guides the corresponding spike, and a third central upright is connected with a sliding horizontal part supporting the rest, which is shaped and engraved with an acanthus leaf. Lastly, the lathe is embellished with five fixing screws finished with open tracery work.

Published in: AA.VV., TOOLS, Beyond hands towards beauty, Cesati e Cesati, Milan 2013, n° 15

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