A nice pair of Emilian Bronze Doorknockers


The quality of this nice pair of bronze doorknockers with dark patina is mainly due to their formal richness: a lyre-shaped body with arms adorned by foliages and vegetal scrolls among which – in the centre and in correspondence of the knocking element – appears the mask of a satyr with goat horns…

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A very elegant Tinder Pistol


At first sight, this refined and curious object might look like a pistol but it is in fact a remarkable example of a mechanical tinder lighter designed for domestic use: more precisely, a tinder-pistol.

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TEFAF Online is coming soon!

Tefaf online

Alessandro Cesati Gallery will participate to the first digital edition of Tefaf New York, an exclusively online fair experience featuring one single masterwork per gallery.
This brand new digital edition of the fair…

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The art world is facing a historical phase of great changes.The art market is especially undergoing and will undergo for a while a remarkable transformation, due to the greater travelling difficulties and to the postponement of many important art fairs. These events were until now the most pleasant and important occasions….

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Painting and goldworking in conversation. A Rare Fourteenth Century Sienese Casket


With the catalogue “Painting and goldworking in conversation. A Rare Fourteenth Century Sienese Casket”, the Alessandro Cesati gallery continued in 2019 a series of publications intended to…

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The Coat of Arms of a Spanish Cardinal


This rare coat of arms of a Cardinal, carved in low relief, painted and gilded, is the heraldic shield of Don Luis Manuel Fernandez de Portocarrero Bocanegra y Moscoso-Osorio (1635 -1709), a prominent figure in the history of Spain and then also in that of Sicily. Shields like this were located in representative places and […]

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An Unrivalled Doorknocker


This remarkable doorknocker, with its warm and attractive brown patina, is made up of a body in the shape of a hammer and a back plate.
The rectangular back plate, cut-out and knurled on the profile…

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A Naked Jesus Child


With his naked body and straight posture, the right arm raised in the act of blessing, the outstretched left arm perhaps intended to hold a small globe, the big round face with large eyes and…

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A Delicate Saint John the Baptist in Boxwood

This elegant boxwood sculpture depicts St. John the Baptist as a child, standing on a rock populated by tiny animals; he wears his typical camel’s-hair robe, tightened around the waist by a rope…

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An Elegant Italian devotional figure


These best quality sacred sculptures – since they have been designed to be dressed – are very often carved and finished merely in the upper part…

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