TEFAF Maastricht is coming !


The Cesati Gallery will attend again TEFAF Maastricht for the 19th consecutive time and with the new layout of the fair, with three different entrances, the stand will have an important location as it will be facing directly to the right entrance of the fair.

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A Spectacular Pair of Doorknockers

960x600_Picchiotti da Porta

This two wonderful wrought iron Doorknockers – richly decorated with very fine low-relief engravings depicting animals and vegetal motifs – are an outstanding example of the German ironwork craftsmanship from the late 16th century.

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A Rare Capital with Sphinxes

Capital with Sphinxes

This outstanding marble capital, show the addorsed and firmly sat figures of two winged lions with human face – clearly recognizable as sphinxes – clawing the head of a snarling beast, perhaps a lion or a molossian.

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Tefaf Maastricht 2017: the 30th Edition

960x600 RPR_IMG_7294

Unequalled in the quality of its offering, championing the finest art dealers and experts from around the globe, TEFAF is confirming its excellence in the market as ‘The European Art Fair’, inspiring art lovers and buyers from around the globe.

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A ‘True’ Pair of Firedogs


This outstanding and rare pair of firedogs documents the high quality level of workmanship achieved by the European iron workshops in the late Middle Ages and perfectly embodies the sense of the word that the ancients chose to define these household objects.

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Albrecht Dürer in Milan


The Adoration of the Magi, painted in 1504 just before his second trip to Italy, stands on the brink of two significant periods for the European Art and Architecture and gives insight into Dürer’s relationship to the religious and cultural changes of his time.

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A Delicate Sicilian Alabaster


The quality of this beautiful alabaster can be recognized in different aspects such as the broad and convoluted drapery of the figure, the rich base, a characteristic signature of the Tipa’s tradition sculptures, and in general the great attention to details.

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Peter Paul Rubens: “An Italian Painter”


Rubens is to be credited with contributing to the birth of Baroque art, his influence was so great and widely recognized by art critics, that Bernard Berenson defined him as “an Italian painter”.

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An Exquisite Miniature Armchair


This elegant miniature armchair is an exceptional artwork on a formal level and for the quality and variety of the materials used to make it. The seat structure reproduces, in small dimensions, a very popular Spanish model from the 16th century, known as ‘Frailero’…

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Hugging Zombies: A conference by Luke Syson


“Hugging Zombies: How the Met has been collecting art that’s out of fashion and why you should too.” This is the curious title of a very interesting inaugural speech given by Luke Syson for the 1st edition of TEFAF New York…

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