Alessandro Cesati at AMART Milan 2021

The Alessandro Cesati Gallery will be exhibiting at the AMART exhibition, organized by the Milanese Antique Dealers Association with a new selection of sculptures and works of art ranging from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

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Tefaf Online 2021


Featuring nearly 700 exceptional artworks from over 250 world-renowned exhibitors, this edition of TEFAF Online celebrates the many connections that can be made across the history of human creativity. Alessandro Cesati Gallery will participate to this second edition of the digital Tefaf Fair, presenting…

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A Graceful Virgin of the Annunciation

The present sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary while receiving the words of Archangel Gabriel, with her hands in prayer and kneeling in front of an elegant pulpit with molded profiles. While reading the sacred text, she turns her gaze downwards with an elegant bowing of her head in sign of subdued acceptance of the miracle. […]

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A Stunning Signed and Dated Pharmacy Mortar

This monumental and refined bronze mortar, is embellished, about halfway up, by two beautiful heads of young boys and large acanthus leaves. One side bears the maker’s signature and the date in capital letters…

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A Delicate St. Sebastian from Brabant


This intriguing wooden sculpture, still with its original polychromy, depicts saint Sebastian and it has been made in the region of Brabant, a cultural area in northern Europe where an important tradition of wooden sculpture is developed from the Middle Ages onwards…

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A very sophisticated Sealing Press


Very high quality of ironworking is the distinctive feature of this elegant sealing press. Over an oval plate with moulded rim is fixed a frame consisting of a curved arm ending with a polylobed element with vertical passing screw, crowned in the upper part with a moulded cap, and two small…

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A Striking Head of Saint Paul


This impressive head depicts a bearded man caught in a moment of powerful dramatic expression. The head swerve, the gaze turned suddenly upwards, the contraction of the forehead and corrugated eyebrows, the small mouth with fleshy lips describe effectively the intense emotion of the

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A Splendid Pair of Iron Frames


This gorgeous pair of frames fully represents the triumph of Baroque iron. The frames are entirely made of embossed iron (repoussé), a particularly complex technique that is a French prerogative and that was brought to excellent levels precisely during the Baroque era…

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A Delicate 18th century Wax ‘Bambinello’


A wide and deep frame encloses the figure of the Child Jesus, placed in a landscape at sunset. The Redeemer is represented as naked little boy, resting on his side, with the right hand on his chest, the eyes looking upwards, and his mouth half open. The scene is rich in meaningful details…

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An Exquisite French Inlaid Casket


This exquisite rectangular wooden casket shows lavish decorations with refined and partially polychromed mother-of-pearl inlays and very thin brass wires. It has no equal and it is therefore configured as a valuable and unprecedented testimony of late Renaissance French cabinet-making.

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