An Exceptional Masterpiece Strongbox

An Exceptional Masterpiece Strongbox

On the occasion of MOG | Milan Open Galleries (25-29 October 2021, in coincidence with AMART Milano Art Fair) the Alessandro Cesati Gallery will present an exceptional masterpiece strongbox: a peak in the history of European ironworking, generated by the magical and fantastic combination of the unbeatable German technique with the unsurpassable French elegance.

During the three centuries between the late Renaissance and Neoclassicism, European supremacy in the production of iron objects for civilian use undoubtedly belonged to France and Germany, and unfolded into a multitude of specific productions – from large-scale works such as gates or window grilles to small objects for personal use such as seals, snuff boxes, tinders and so on. However, the highest and most sophisticated skill in this field is certainly expressed in what is defined in French as serrurerie and that is mainly the art of producing keys, padlocks, locks, safes and strongboxes.

The serrurier is – if we may say so – the prince of blacksmiths since his job, more than others, requires not only considerable and specific manual skills but also a precise knowledge and ability to design.

The Strongbox on show is an emblematic example of the genre of Masterpieces, made in Strasbourg around the middle of the 18th century: unique and unrepeatable pieces thanks to which the serruruier can demonstrate all his skills in ironworking – from forging to sculpting, from embossing to piercing and engraving – thus obtaining the qualification of the city guild to exercise the profession on his own.

Any detailed description or comparison will never be sufficient to return the emotion and the amazement that arise from the direct vision: if you want to fully understand the quality and importance of the artifact, the invitation is to look at the work and appreciate it with your own eyes.


An Exceptional Masterpiece Strongbox
October 26 – December 23
from Tuesday to Saturday, h 10-13/15-19
Preview: Monday, October 25 from 18 to 20

The initiative is part of MOG – Milano Open Galleries, the new event for the city of Milan that will be held from October 25 to 29, 2021 in conjunction with the antiques fair AMART. The more than forty galleries participating in the initiative, which include several internationally renowned antique dealers and gallerists, will host for the week of October 25 to 29 a series of exclusive events, meetings and presentations spread throughout the city, as well as extended opening nights of the exhibition spaces.
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