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The gallery, founded by Fiorenzo and Alessandro Cesati, specialises in sculpture and works of art from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth century. Drawing on a strong family tradition in art, marked by excellence in the fields of art and music, Alessandro Cesati gallery has been nationally and internationally renowned, for almost forty years now, for the careful search and selection of artworks. >

An Exquisite French Inlaid Casket


This exquisite rectangular wooden casket shows lavish decorations with refined and partially polychromed mother-of-pearl inlays and very thin brass wires. It has no equal and it is therefore configured as a valuable and unprecedented testimony of late Renaissance French cabinet-making.

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A nice pair of Emilian Bronze Doorknockers


The quality of this nice pair of bronze doorknockers with dark patina is mainly due to their formal richness: a lyre-shaped body with arms adorned by foliages and vegetal scrolls among which – in the centre and in correspondence of the knocking element – appears the mask of a satyr with goat horns…

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A very elegant Tinder Pistol


At first sight, this refined and curious object might look like a pistol but it is in fact a remarkable example of a mechanical tinder lighter designed for domestic use: more precisely, a tinder-pistol.

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The art world is facing a historical phase of great changes.The art market is especially undergoing and will undergo for a while a remarkable transformation, due to the greater travelling difficulties and to the postponement of many important art fairs. These events were until now the most pleasant and important occasions….

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An Appealing Spanish Lock


This intriguing ironwork belongs to the so-called à moraillon kind of locks, designed for closing chests and coffers, and quite common in the Gothic and Late Gothic periods, especially in the French and Spanish areas.
The present one shows a typical quadrangular shape…

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An Outstanding Jewelry Casket


This small and precious rectangular brass casket -completely gilded both outside and inside- shows a stepped base, a domed lid and a front enriched by two reverse-painted oval rock crystals, set into bezels: the left one depicts the Annunciation and the right one depicts the Nativity…

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An Intense Ivory Christ


This exquisite sculpture is a vivid baroque interpretation of the Christus triumphans: still alive, with open eyes and raised head, recommending his spirit to God the Father. The refined ivory artifact offers the viewer remarkable anatomy and quality, both on the front and back…

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An Important Shaffron


This rare horse shaffron perfectly documents the Turkish 16th century armour. The main plate, just under a small visor, shows the Arsenal of St. Irene Hallmark- that is the one of the famous Costantinople armoury…

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A Rare Jar from Montelupo


This important jar with spout and rich dragon-shaped handles, is entirely decorated with refined and airy “raffaellesche”. On the front there is a shield with St. Dominic, over a big cartouche with a large inscription: SV° DI FM° STERNO S (meaning …

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A refined French Casket in Iron, Gold and Silver


This wonderful jewelry box is a rare and unprecedented example of the late-Renaissance highest achievement in ironworking. The rounded lid is enriched by a pair of silver oval plaquettes representing two scenes of Hercules’ life…

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The Alessandro Cesati gallery is specialised in European sculptures and works of art dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

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La galleria Alessandro Cesati ha partecipato e partecipa da molti anni alle più importanti e selezionate mostre nazionali ed internazionali .

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Research and study activities, which the Alessandro Cesati gallery has always pursued with great interest and enthusiasm since its outset, have often steered to the natural conclusion of publishing projects…

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